What is a Certified Mortgage Coach

Why Every Homeowner in America Should Work with a Certified Mortgage Coach

A Certified Mortgage Coach understands that for most Americans, the mortgage decision of their home is the single biggest financial planning decision they will ever make.

A Certified Mortgage Coach does everything possible to help ensure that clients make the most informed decision possible, one that will help them achieve their long-term financial goals and security. In short, a Certified Mortgage Coach works to:
• Save money
• Reduce stress
• Increase wealth

How a Certified Mortgage Coach delivers the promise…

Save Money
• By analyzing the total cost of different mortgage strategies over time
• By analyzing and recommending various debt reduction strategies
• By using RateWatch to ensure improved rate lock execution

Reduce Stress
• Is a byproduct of truly informed decision making
• When options are clearly documented and analyzed
• By making complex concepts simple

Increase Wealth
• By always considering the long view
• By making smart decisions
• By reducing debt over time



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